Arinze Okeke is a software developer at Intersystems, a data management and healthcare information systems company in Boston, Massachusetts. As a developer, he oversees server-side development and front-end engineering on software applications designed for the medical industry’s growing digital patient recordkeeping and database requirements. In addressing Intersystems’ development needs, Arinze Okeke utilizes his fluency in a wide range of programming languages, including Angular, JavaScript, and Python.

Arinze Okeke is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2017, he earned a bachelor of science in biological engineering and double minored in chemistry and mechanical engineering. During Arinze Okeke’s time at MIT, he completed several projects related to his field of study.

Among other initiatives, Mr. Okeke developed a chess engine and Sudoku solver complete with artificial intelligence and graphical user interface. He worked with the MIT Mobile Autonomous Systems Lab to design, prototype, and build an autonomous robot capable of completing navigation tasks. For his efforts, Arinze Okeke received the Oracle Award for Innovation and earned a first place finish in competition.